126th Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Bristoe Station campaign
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 4to., Union Mills, Va., Oct. 18th/ 63. Joseph S. Foreman (Co. F, 126th Ohio Infantry, wounded 9/21/64 at Flint Hill, VA) writes:

"...Our regmt and the 106th New York and the 87th Penn we got ready by seven and started for our posts. We detailed for three days when we got to our posts were told by those we relieved that general Stuart was crossing Hazel river to attack us in on our rear but heard nothing of them till on Sunday the 11th when we took a spy trying to get through our lines who told us that Stuart intended to make the attack. That day our Major came and relieved us but we had hardly got off our post till the enemys Cavalry came in sight. Our regt. was then employed as skirmishers through the woods to hold them in check but there were only a few of them. After exchanging a few shots they returned without any damage to us. We then fell back to the Second Division being cut off from our Brigade. We then commenced to fall back marched till one o'clock at night crossed the Hazel river and the Rappahanoc. We then camped for the night.

Oct.12th. Got up at 5 o'clock and got some breakfast and then fell into line of Battle and manuevered around till about noon to get a good position but the enemy did nor attack us.

Oct. 13th. Got up 3 o'clock and fell into line and marched towards Bull Run. Marched 15 miles the 3rd Corps kept fighting with artillery all day some times being heavy. Went into Camp ...Our unit went on picket.

Oct 14th. Got up at 5 and took up our line of march at 7 AM. The enemy opened on us at 8 AM and has been kept up all day. 3 P.M. The Battle is now opened. It is only one mile in our rear. It is the heaviest cannonading and musketry ever I heard. It is the 3rd Corps that is engaged. Our Brigade is detailed to support the artillery of the 3rd Div. Great excitement Generals and aide camps riding in all directions.

Oct. 15th Got up this morning very early got into line of Battle and lay in line of battle till 8 A.M. and then took up our line of march for Centerville a distance of 2 1/2 miles and from there to this place. Formed again into line of battle. The enemy opened again on us with artillery but at to great a distance to reach us. It has rained some today.

16th. Got up very early. Our Brigade was detailed to assist General Buford's Cavalry. Started at 6 and marched about 5 miles to our right to where his calvary was camped ...Started back again to the Div. at 3 o'clock and got back at 5 after marching in all about 14 miles. No fighting today.

17th We detailed to go on picket...Heavy cannonading in the distance...General Sickles joined the Corps today. He was in command of it at Gettysburg and got wounded. General French will now take command of the 3rd Division..."

More content pertaining to captured waggon train, elections, etc.

The letter is written in blue ink, in a diary-like manner. Great content! Very fine.

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126th Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Bristoe Station campaign

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