149th New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Atlanta campaign
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Soldier's Letter, 3 pages, 8vo., Head Quarters, 3rd Brig, 2nd Div., 20th A.C., Pace's Ferry, Geo., Sept 1st, 1864. George J. Sager (Co. I, 149th New York Infantry) writes to his brother the Day of the Fall of Atlanta .

"...On the 24th the Hospitals and all spare transportation crossed the Chattahoochie River and on the night of the same day, the 20th Corps fell back to the river to fortify, and held their position, to inable the balance of the army to operate about the city, and Sherman cut loose from the Rail Road with 20 days supplies. We hear from them today from rebel deserters who say that a heavy fight has been going on at Jonesborough, the other side of Atlanta. Sherman holds the Macon R.R. and there is nothing in Atlanta but militia. Of future plans I know nothing, and can not give you any idea of how soon we shall be in the city. The 3rd Brigade holds Pace's Ferry where the army first crossed the river. It is a very pleasant place and are having a quite time though plenty to do. We are for once in a long time out of hearing of the whiz of the bullets and continual firing. As for other news you probably get more than I do, and as I have a quite report of absenrtees on hand, you will excuse me with these few lines...Brother George".

Slight aging, otherwise fine. Comes with a xerox copy of Sager signature (from another letter) for identification purposes. 

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149th New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Atlanta campaign

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