14th Massachusetts Infantry soldier's diary
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Soldier's Diary, 1861 black leather with gold lettering, intact strap, appoximately 3 1/2" x 6 x 3/4', belonging to John Merrill. Name, both penned and stencilled, on the front page. Merrill served in the 14th Massachusetts Infantry, which was organized at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor on 7/5/61 and was assigned to Fort Albany, Washington D.C. defenses. On 1/1/62 the unit was changed to 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. Merrill was wounded on 5/19/1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA.

There are scattered entries in the diary, in pen and pencil, both as civilian and military. The first military entry starts June 30th with his arrival at Fort Warren, Boston.

July 1861

7/10 - Describes new uniform.

7/18 - Received colors in Boston.

August 1861

8/7-10 - Dress parade, trip to Providence (RI), New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington.

8/11 - At Camp Cameron.

8/23 - Brigade review.

8/26 - Family of Unionists (5) driven out by Rebels and came into fort (Albany). (Washnigton defenses).

September 1861

9/3 - Mentions General Mansfield.

9/17 - Soldier (Jesse Scott) accidently killed at the guard house - shot thru face.

October 1861

10/9 - Left Fort Albany for Fort Runyon.

10/31 - Received new cap and pants.

December 1861

12/6 - Went to Alexandria.

12/13 - Returned to Fort Albany.

12/25 - Soldier (Milford Tedford, Co. I) died of disease in hospital.

Back part of diary has pay and expenses entries.


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14th Massachusetts Infantry soldier's diary

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