21st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter/ Port Hudson, LA
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Soldier's Letter, 3 pages, 8vo., Baton Rouge, La., March 25th, 1863. Joseph W. Clapp (Co. A, 21st Massachusetts Infantry, later in Co. G, 53rd Massachusetts Infantry) writes to a friend on Union patriotic stationery.

"...An expedition of quite a body of troops marched to within a very few miles of Port Hudson about a fort night ago. We went within hearing of the heavy guns which were shelling the fort and stopped there over night. The next morning we started again supposing that we were going right to Port Hudson but to our surprise we were led the same way that we had come and were informed that the object of our expedition has been accomplished. I think it must have been a great object for it resulted in the loss of one of our best gunboats. We marched and countermarched for 3 or 4 days and at last went back to our old camp near the city...

It takes 5 men to guard the contraband camp where are 400 negroes another one to guard a house where three ladies reside who are supposed to sympathize very strongly with the rebellion and the last one to guard a schoolmaster house who goes off with his wife every morning to teach school and every thing... Joseph W. Clapp."

Very Fine.

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21st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter/ Port Hudson, LA

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