Pennsylvania Stewart's Infantry/ Chambersburg, PA
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Chambersburg (PA), Feb. 13th, 1864. Joseph C. Eves (Co. H, Pennsylvania Stewart's Infantry) writes in legible hand and ink to  Millville, PA.

"...Well I like it down here pretty well but times seems rather dry. This week or two the Jonies have all scedadled and we have nothing to do but picket duty and  and that is pretty good. We once in a while pick up a couple of deserters but they mostly are from our army...

Well we still are at Chambersburg and are the only company on the fair ground Camp and we are expecting marching orders every day for some Copperhead hole I hope. It may be up there for I guess that we would do as much good there as here but no telling where we may go. We hate to venture up there since we heard that Bill Eyer is going to shoot. I hope he wont for that would frighten us too bad. I suppose you heard that we had enlisted for one year. Well we were in the ranks twice to be mustered and got fooled out both times and that discouraged us so all of us from Millville said that we would not go so I wrote home that I would not go but the other day they got mustered and got their $500  and it tempted T.R. Sands so much that he went...J. C. Eves"

Some aging, otherwise very fine. Comes with the original postally used cover.

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Pennsylvania Stewart's Infantry/ Chambersburg, PA

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