114th Pennsylvania Infantry soldier's letter/ Chancellorsville
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp near Potomac Creek, May 8th, 1863. Jacob B. Dannaker (Co. E, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, Zouaves D'Afrique) writes his mother pertaining to the Battle of Chancellorsville.

"...I lost everything in the fight my knapsack, woolen blanket, gum blanket and everything I had in it but I held on to my haversack and canteen because one I carry my grub in and the other water so if I was to lose them I would be in a great fix for it is awful to be without water on the field. The battle was fought on Sunday last and it was suffocating hot. We was double quicked nearly all the time and when we came out in the afternoon I was completely foughted out. I felt like giving myself up to the rebels  must have been dunk for they came up to us at a right shoulder shift arms until they got right up to us and then they would pour it into us. I had it pretty hard after the fight. I slept out three nights without anything over me and the last night it rained awful and I was soaked through and I was so wet and cold  it made pone shiver as if I had the chill and fever. I thought I would be sick but I feel fine now. Dear Mother you must not think I am complaining or finding fault for I am in the best of spirit. We crossed the river on the 1st and we lost men most every day until we retreated back again. We lost a Maj.Gen. and one or two Brig. Gen out of our Corps. I dont know what we are going to do  it is rumored we are going to cross again if he does I believe he (Hooker) will be defeated. We ought to have about 150,00 more men and then I think we could whip them. We are getting weaker every day for the two year men and 9 months are going home every day so I dont see what we can do if we do advance again. Dear Mother you want to know if I am to stay any longer than three years if I live well I enlisted three years or the war and if it lasts longer I suppose I will have to stay but as I am in a good cause its all right, but nevertheless I would rather be out of it for the rebs makes the atmosphere decidedly too hot to suit me especially when they give us grape and cannister. I dont like it at all. I am glad you have got my money. The reason I was put on guard was because I left the camp to get my likeness taken...We have to work hard for what we get that is so for I never went through such a hardship in all my life...I feel like an old men now. I feel so stiff and sore every morning. I can hardly walk. I dont wish to be promoted I feel just as well of in the ranks...Jacob B. Dannaker"

Pencil, some aging and ink blots, otherwise fine. Comes with the original postally used cover.

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114th Pennsylvania Infantry soldier's letter/ Chancellorsville

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