11th Missouri Cavalry soldier's letter/ Fort Union, New Mexico
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Soldier's Letter, 2 pages, 4to., Fort Union, New Mexico, November 9th, 1863. Peter F. Clark (Co. A, 11th Missouri Cavalry) writes:

"...this leaves me in the far west far from home and in poor health. I have suffered for two months with a severe cold contracted from exposure by hard night scouting. It has become seated on my lungs and for some time I have thought I should probably never entirely regain my former good health although I am much better now. I now have some hope of being once more a sound man and being able to fight the battles of my country until it conquer a Glorious and honorable peace one that will lose the shackles of slavery from bondmen of every color and so humble treason and secession that it will never again dare raise its Hydra head above the dust in which it shall crawl.

We arrived at this place today at two o'clock PM after a march of fifty days from Fort Leavenworth two companys of our Regt. A & H came out as an Escort for the Military Governors of New Mexico and Arizona and arms and ammunition for NM & Arizona. We have had some very cold weather in the mountains the mercury falling 5 below zero though the weather is fine and the air salubrious we being South of the mountains where cold North winds are effectedly shut out. We had fourteen inches of snow for six days. Our animals shut out from the grass and only six lbs. of corn per day to the horses. You may guess their condition. The men too feel the effect of their long and arduous march. Co. H goes on to Arizona. I go back with my Co.  to Kansas City. I start on the 11th. Am only waiting to shoe my horses and mules. I have 826 miles and 200 without a stick of wood and the winter with poor horses before me not a very enviable position to be placed in...I expect to reach Kansas City about the 1st January...We have little or no trouble with the Indians...They are afraid of our long knives and short guns. If time would permit I would like to give you a history of our march and of this country and its dusky inhabitants which by the way are but a little remove from the Indians but I cannot though I hope to do so at some future time...P.F.Clark"

Some aging, otherwise fine and readable. Letters from New Mexico during the Civil War era are quite rare and desirable.

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11th Missouri Cavalry soldier's letter/ Fort Union, New Mexico

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