141st New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Lookout Mountain
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp near Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nov., 15th, 1863. Charles VanWagoner (Co. C, 141st New York Infantry) writes a good content letter:

"...since we left Bridgeport (Alabama) we have been on quarter rations untill about a week ago. They call the 11th Corps the cracker boys down here for we opened the road for rations for them...

The Rebels occupy Lookout Mountain. They are well elevated over us. They have some heavy guns planted on the highest peak of the Mountain and about every 10 minutes  they send they shot or shell  a screaming into our camp...

The Rebs lost between 400 and 500 our side about half as many. We captured between 3 and 400 prisoners and drove them from their position...Charles Van Wagoner, Co. C, 141st N.Y.V., Nashville, Tennessee, 2d Brig. 3d Div. 11th Corps".

For more of the content of the letter, please see the scan.


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141st New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Lookout Mountain

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