149th Pennsylvania Infantry soldier's letter/ Meridian Hill, DC
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp McNeal, Meridian Hill (Washington, DC), October the 12th, 1862. Isaac Oliver (Co. F, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry, died of typhoid fever 6/27/63 at Washington, DC) writes:

"...I enlisted in a company called Co. F 149th Regt. P B V. We are now in a camp called camp McNeal on Meridian Hill near the city of Washington. We are not there near all the time in camp. We are the most of the time out to guard hospital at town and other places. Part of the regiment has moved their tents to town. I expect that ours company will move before this week is out but I do not know for sure. It has been warm and dry ever since we have been down here untill last night about 1 o'clock it commenced raining and poured it down until about four. I had to go on guard at four so I got ...of standing in the rain for that night...Isaac Oliver...Co. F 149 R.P/ B. V., Camp McNeal Washington DC..."

Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used cover.

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149th Pennsylvania Infantry soldier's letter/ Meridian Hill, DC

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