152nd New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Ft. Steadman, VA
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Soldier's Letter, 3 1/2 pages, 8vo., Fort Steadman, VA, November 28, 1864. Henry M. Wood (Co. F, 152nd New York Infantry) writes to his cousin:

"...we had a splendid Thanksgiving Dinner. We had turkeys and other eatables too numerous to mention and they were very thankfully received and welcomed. We thank our friends at home for this kindness they have showed towards the soldiers...

I saw uncle Erastus Wood the other day. He is well. He is in the 2nd New York Artillery. He is in the brass band. Thomas was here yesterday. He is well. I presume you hear from him. I heard Erve Hale was after widow Jones at Middlevillle. Is that so. How is his sister. Tell her not to get married until I get home for I have a word to say. There is Erve lame, yet I presume he will be until the draft is over...I wish he would have to come and serve his time out after we get home. If we was all like him where would our country go to. He is what we call here dead beat. If a man is sick here as get to the rear they call him a dead beat and Erve dead beated it until he got out of the service. I rather be in my boots than in his...

We aint got only ten months and a half. Then we will be free again. And I for one will enlist if my country needs it. But I think this winter will finish this thing. At least most of the soldiers think so. I hope it may but I for one want it settled...

Our Corps Commander left yesterday. He has gone to Washington. His name is Hancock. He is a brave and noble officer. General Humphreys has took command of our Corps now. He was Chief on Hancocks staff...H.M.Wood".

Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used cover.

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152nd New York Infantry soldier's letter/ Ft. Steadman, VA

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