17th Vermont Infantry soldier's letter/ Petersburg, VA
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Near Petersburg, VA, March 26th. Corporal Charles A. Manson (Co. I, 17th Vermont Infantry, wounded 4/2/65 in Petersburg, VA)  writes to his mother.

"...Well I think this war is about over at last for I feel confident that peace will be declared before a great while. The Rebel Congress has Adjourned in a great hurry and Jeff Davis has left the whole thing to Lee. It is my opinion that he is a sensible man and when he sees there is no way of escape he will surrender.

It was the report in the papers yesterday that Sheridan has captured the junction of the Danville Lynchburg and Southside RR and if that is so he has cut of the last of their supplies.

The deserters that come in say that they get only one meal a day and poor at that and at Richmond board is 100 dollars a day meat $10 a pound flour 1500 dollars a barrel and that Jeff and his Cabinet has cleared out. I have made a bet that by the time I am 21 years old that peace will be declared and I am confident of winning it...

We are having an awful windy time here...The wind sweeps terribly yesterday. A fire got in to Camp and burnt out every officer but one the Quarter Master lost everything all his books and papers and a lot of new clothing. It blew the roof of my shanty and scatterd the staff all over...but it did not get a fire and I did not loose much...

                                                                                                                   C.A. Manson"

Some aging, otherwise very fine.

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17th Vermont Infantry soldier's letter/ Petersburg, VA

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