1st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter/ Budd's Ferry. MD
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Soldier's Letter, 3 1/3 pages, 8vo., Camp Hooker, Doncaster, Budd's Ferry, Maryland, December 18th, 1861. George E. Tisdale (Band, 1st Massachusetts Infantry) writes to his wife.

"...There has nothing new taken place here since I wrote you last of any great account only the rebels keeping their firing at our pickets and the schooners on the river. I see them fire a shell at our pickets this afternoon. They were along beside some old buildings close to the waters edge on the banks of the river. The shell just barely cleared them and burst after it struck. It did no damage. We are in hopes to see something done very soon. We cannot think the Government will let this river be blockaded this winter. It is a perfect shame but perhaps they are doing something somewhere else  that is of more consequence at present. Today we have heard very heavy cannonading in the direction of our Army on the other side of the river. We feel that they are having a skirmish if nothing more. We shall probably hear in a short time if there is anything in it. In your last letter you asked me if that rebel that deserted and came over here was allowed to go around where he pleased. He was kept in the 11th Mass. Camp a few days and then he was sent to Washington to be examined. I presume he will be examined and then he will take the Oath of Allegience and then go where he pleases. That is the way they have done generally but it is an awful poor way in my opinion! ...

While I am writing the rebels are shelling a boat that is running the Blockade. I have just been out to see the sight. Could see the shell burst in the air. Some of them came over within a 1/4 or 1/2 of a mile of the Camp. It sounded some like Bull Run. I guess she has gone down all right for when she got by she blowed her whistle...G.E. Tisdale".

Legible pencil. Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used cover postmarked Washington, DC December 20th, 1861 and franked by Goldsmith Bailey (U.S. Representative from Massachusetts).

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1st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter/ Budd's Ferry. MD

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