1st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter with map
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Soldier's Letter, 3 pages plus a map on the back page, 8vo., Camp Hooker, Lower Potomac, Maryland, March 17, 1862. Charles Lyon Chandler (Co. A, 1st Massachusetts Infantry, later in Co. F, 34th MA Infantry, and Field & Staff 57th MA Infantry. Killed on 5/24/1864 at North Anna River, VA) writes to his father about the operations along the Potomac River, which can be followed on the expertly hand drawn map by Chandler on the back of his letter. For full transcription of the letter, please see the scan.

Easy to read, in very fine condition letter with a beautifully drawn detailed map on the back of the letter by the author. Comes with the original postally used cover. Choice item.

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1st Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter with map

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