1st Virginia Cavalry soldier's letter/ Battle of 1st Manassas
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Confederate Soldier's Letter, 3 pages 4to., Fairfax C.H. (Virginia), August 10th, 1861. Benjamin F. Shaver (Co. I, 1st Virginia Cavalry, wounded Five Forks, VA) writes to his brother pertaining to the Battle of First Manassas.

"...uncle Bill Carpenter got here and says you are still at the same place. George is sick here up for two weeks uncle Bill has come for him. The rest of us are well. We have been here at this place ever since the battle of the twenty first. We was all in the fight from ten o'clock until dark or not in the fight all the time but on the field though exposed to the fires at all times. We made a charge soon when we went out but there was none of our company hurt there except some few thrown from their horses though some of the rest of them suffered smartly. There was some of our men skared (sic) like thunder after we made the charge. Some of our men retreated back to the junction without stopping to look back but only six of them the rest done well. We had one man killed and one wounded in the evening though we all ... give our heads a doge when ever a cannon ball would pass close to us and that was tolerable often. We had some horses lost in the day. We have all got plenty of clothing over coats of the best kind.  I didnt take anything but a coat our wagons were at the junction and we had no way to carry them. There was clothing of every description. Since then we have but little excitement. We go down ten miles towards Alexandria every third day on picket and have a shot with the enemy occasionally . Since we have got over here we have fattened on blackberries for the last week we get plenty of peaches out on picker we would get along tolerable well here if it was not so hot and would let our horses alone. I never seen such a place for flies and  stink in my life...It was reported here that the militia had disbanded and gone home but since I have heard that you are all running away...I have no idea how long we will stay here. I seen Prince Napoleon a few days ago. He is only a common looking cad. He went up as far as the junction and since returned back to Washington...I want you to write how soldiering goes with you...B.F. Shaver".

Some aging, last page in light ink but legible.

Letters pertaining to the Battle of First Manassas are getting hard to find. 

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1st Virginia Cavalry soldier's letter/ Battle of 1st Manassas

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