22nd Illinois Infantry soldier's letter/ Tunnel Hill, Georgia
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Soldier's Letter, 2 pages, 4to., Tunnel Hill, Georgia, May 11th, 1864. John H. Phillips from Greenville, Illinois (Co. D, 22nd Illinois Infantry) writes to his sister:

"...the very gratifying news that Fielding was not killed came. But poor fellow I am afraid he will suffer a great deal among the Rebels. I hope he will be exchanged soon and get to go home. It is bad enough to be wounded and at home among friends, but it must be awful to be a prisoner and among those who do not care whether you get well or die. I wrote to mother from Ringold giving an account of our march to that place. We stayed there until yesterday. We were camped on the bank of the Chickamauga about 4 miles from the old battleground. We left there about 10 O clock yesterday and came to this place (about 7 miles). We are still guarding the supply train and have not been in any fighting yet. Our Brigade has done considerable fighting and lost about 100 killed and wounded. The Colonel of the 64th Ohio was killed and the Col. of the 79th Ill. and Maj. of the 27th Ill. and Lt. Col. of the 3rd Ky. wounded all of our Brigade. I went through the Tunnel this morning and went out to where I could see the rebels on a high hill. They have been fighting there for several days. Lt. Welsh, Sergt. Paisley and myself were out in an open field watching the Rebs on the hill. We thought we were out of range of their guns but they shot at us and one ball fell close to us, so we thought we would evacuate and we fell back to the train and took our old positions. I have not heard any firing for some time and think the Rebs must have left the Hill. 

This is a very pretty little town among the hills. It is a rail road station and we have the cars running here now so that we have no trouble keeping our supplies up. Hospital trains run here taking the wounded off and everything seems to be going on as well as could be wished. Cars can run through the tunnel and right out to our line of battle. We had a very hard storm last night. It rained until the ground where we camped was covered with water and some of the men had to move their tents. I had my bunk fixed up of the ground and did not have to evacuate but the water ran under me...John H. Phillips".

Small fold split, otherwise dark ink and legible. Comes with the original postally used cover, postmarked Chattanooga, Ten., May 12th, 1864.

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22nd Illinois Infantry soldier's letter/ Tunnel Hill, Georgia

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