2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery soldier's letter/ Knoxville, TN
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Knoxville, Tennessee, March 21,1865.  W.W. Stuart (C0. I, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery, mustered out at Knoxville, TN 5/24/65) writes to his friend:

"...I  am happy to know that I am not forgotten by thee. How pleasant it is to have kind friends on whom we can depend for a word of comfort while absent and far from home and those we love most dear. I hope the time is not far distant when that day will come that we that live may meet to greet the long absent ones we have left to be cared for by our heavenly father while we are out on this perilous tour trying to save this ones happy land the best Government that was ever given to poor benighted man that he might live from under the power of tyranny. 

Miss Libbie you wish to know something in regard to my departed friend J. B. Smith. Well I never criticize the dead nor make remarks about what is to late to be helpt the best I can say of him he was a good soldier of the field  but not of the cross he made no profession of Christianity whatever for the present ...His Brother John Freeman is in my company he is a fine boy and a good soldier  he is a boy of good moral habits he is getting a furlough and will be home soon if nothing happens...

You have asked for a description of your corresponding friend. Well I shall only give you a limited description of Will Stuart. I am five feet and nine inches high black hair blue eyes dark brown whiskers or beard about four inches long and thick enough for the mice to make nest in...Fiend Libbie if I do not get home soon I will send you one of my pictures then you can have a better idea how the old man looks. My friend R. B. Gregg [served in the 15th Ohio, 20th OH Infantry; mustered into Co. I, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery 2/15/64]  He is well him and I are both in the Hospital taking care of the sick...Charles Wheeler [Co I, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery] is getting along finely and all  the rest of the wounded Charles is going home as soon as the Surgeon pronounces him fit to travel...W.W. Stuart, Knoxville Tenn Comp I 2nd O.H.A. in care of Capt. Stevenson".

Some fold splits, otherwise fine.

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2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery soldier's letter/ Knoxville, TN

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