31st Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Destruction of Atlanta, GA
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Union Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp near Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 14, 1864. Charles Stickell (Co. G, 31st Ohio Infantry) writes to his friend William Parkison, Co. H 1st U.S. Engineers (who was formerly in Co. H, 31st Ohio Infantry) in Chattanooga, TN pertaining to the capture and destruction of Atlanta, Georgia and the Battle of Jonesboro.

"...I will say something about the capture of the great city Atlanta...we have not had a newspaper for near a month but still to tell you how the city is torn to pieces...Well I have never seen a worst riddled place in all my life. Every building has been struck with fragments of shell. The depot is all riddled to pieces in full to look at the place it would seem impossible to stay in it while such missils were flying through the air. It is of no use writing about this I shall say something about the battle of Jonesborough. On our march round to the enemies rear we had...plenty to eat and plenty to do in way of fortifying and destroying the railroad. We were busy at such work until the 1st when the rebs were driven from their position. All work was then done Atlanta was then ours so we started for her as soon as the wounded and captured goods was secure from the enemy. Since we have been here we do not get very plenty rations...Col. Walker is going home on furlough so is Lieut. Col. Lister...C. Stickell".

Aging affecting one row of the letter; the rest is fine and legible. Comes with the original postally used cover.

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31st Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Destruction of Atlanta, GA

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