36th Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Battle of Missionary Ridge
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp Chattanooga, Tennessee, Dec. 1st, 1863. Charles L. Combs (Co. H, 36th Ohio Infantry) writes to his mother a detailed battle action and casualties letter pertaining to the Battle of Missionary Ridge.

"...I suppose you have heard that we have had a hard Battle here Nov. the 24 Hooker took Lookout Mountain. we were out in front of our camp and seen him drive the rebs around the mountain. The 25 we helped to take Missionary Ridge. It is a long ridge and hard hill to climb. The rebs had a good deal of artillery on the ridge. Our whole line was ordered to charge the whole line moved on double quick. The rebs poured the shell and grape and canister into us thick and fast as we climbed the hill. The rebs infantry poured the rifle and musket balls into us as hard as they could. Our brave boys was bound to go to the top of the hill. They drove the rebs from their breastworks and from the top of the hill. There was some noble brave boys fell in the struggle to get to the top of the hill. We gained the hill and drove the rebs from it. They left (the) hill like scattered sheep. There was about 62 pieces of artillery captured and Missionary Ridge. Our brigade captured several pieces of artillery. I dont know how many. It was the hardest place that we ever charged up. It was the hottest place that our regt was ever in. Our Regt had 9 killed and about 70 wounded. Co H had 3 killed and four wounded.

Harvy Johnson was killed. He was shot a little below the left eye. Presley Stone and J. S. Grimes was killed both of them. Seargent Anderson was close to Harvy Johnson when he fell as he fell he said go ahead boys. Them three was all that was killed in our Co. James Morrison and George Morrison. M Haney, J.G. Clemens was wounded. Them four was all that was wounded on our co. Well Lieut. Hanlin was struck with a piece of a shell it made him a little lame for a few days. It didnt hurt him much. James Morrison is wounded in the leg and G. Morrison was wounded in the shoulder. They both will get over their wounds, I think. I feel thankful that I got threw safe and sound. Our division followed Bragg out about 20 miles. The rebs trowed away lots of small arms and lots of cartridge boxes. We got back to camp on the 29 of November. That is the reason I hadn't wrote sooner...C.L.Combs".

Some aging, otherwise fine. Soldier's spelling enhanced for easier reading.

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36th Ohio Infantry soldier's letter/ Battle of Missionary Ridge

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