38th Virginia Heavy Artillery soldier's letter/ Culpeper C.H.,VA
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Confederate Soldier's Letter, 3 pages, 8vo., Camp Three Miles from Culpepper C.H. (Virginia), July 26th 1863. Emilius Allen Baughman (Co. C, 38th Virginia Battn Heavy Artillery) writes to his Mother pertaining to the movements after crossing the Potomac during the withdrawal from Gettysburg.

"...we crossed the Potomac at falling water on the morning of the 14th at two o'clock and that day we stopped about two miles the other side of Martinsburg and on the morning of the 15th we left there and went to Bunker Hill twelve miles from Winchester we passed through Martinsburg we stopped at Bunker Hill for two or three days and from there we went to Smithfield and Smithfield we received your letter saying that Mr. Paine was in Winchester and that you had given him some money ($150) in Va Treasury Notes. Next morning we had to move and neither of us had a chance to go to Winchester so on the 20th we stopped at Millwood which is about eight miles from W. and I got permission to go to W. on the 21st, and I got the money from Mr. Paine. I did not have a time to write a letter by Mr. P for the Battery had started that morning at two o'clock for Chester Gap which is about 30 miles from Winchester and I had to get there that night. I took to dinner at W, and got to the Shenandoah River that night about 9 O'clock and stayed there till next morning, at 3 O'clock I cought up the battery at Chester Gap. Our battery with Blunts with Picketts Division got to the Gap at five O' clock in the evening of the 21st. If we had gotten there two hours later the Yanks would have had the gap as another Yankee Calvary were there but we drove them away. We have been marching for three nights and days and in that time have not stopped to rest for 10 hours. We will leave here tomorrow so I hear.. I have something in my knapsack for Lillian which I got in Chambersburg, PA....E.A.B".

Legible pencil. Fine.

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38th Virginia Heavy Artillery soldier's letter/ Culpeper C.H.,VA

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