3rd South Carolina Battn Infantry soldier's letter/ Camp Johnson
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Confederate Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp Johnson, (SC), June 3rd, 1861. W. C(ollier) Winn (Co. D., 3rd South Carolina Battn Infantry) writes to his Father.

"...Col. Williams arrived here this morning who was bourne from the car on B.S. Jones's shoulder, amid a deafening applause  to a box where he responded very patriotically to the anxious regiment by giving every assurance that he would lead on wherever duty or honor called to victory or death. The Col. personally appears to have seen a rough time in the West. Capt. Jones' Company (Smith's) I understand, has responded as a company to go with the regiment since the Col's arrival.

The companies have mostly filled up, several having as many men as their respective Captains desire. Capt. Nance has closed having 87 on his roll. The regiment will be "mustered in" on tomorrow when, in the opinion of some we will receive marching orders immediately, while others we will remain here for several days, and some say we will never be ordered to Virginia; but many of these things are mere camp talk and rather the speculations of a disappointed party...

I have understood that our regiment stands third on the list to march. Cols. Jenkins' and Bacon's being before it...Collier"

Some aging, otherwise fine.

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3rd South Carolina Battn Infantry soldier's letter/ Camp Johnson

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