43rd North Carolina Militia letter/ Discharge for sickness
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Soldier's Letter, 1 page, 4to., Tranquility, Granville Co., N.C., Sept. 16th 1862. E. Dalby, Colonel, Commanding 43rd North Carolina Militia writes about a petition to discharge a conscript in his regiment.


     Enclosed you will find a petition requesting you to discharge Joseph Hayes who is a conscript from my Regiment & strange as it may appear in regard to his manner of living it is no new thing. I have heard of it before there was any conscript Law. I am personally acquanted with the most of these persons who have signed his petition & they are reliable men. Two of them are physicians & have attended him in sickness from what I know of the said. Hays in my opinion he is not able to perform the duties of a soldier from the fact he is under size & of delicate constitution. I would therefore recommend that he be discharged.

                                                                            E. Dalby Col. 

                                                                            Commanding 43rd N.C.M."

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43rd North Carolina Militia letter/ Discharge for sickness

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