48th Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter
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Soldier's letter 4 pages, 8vo., Camp Meigs, Dec. 22, 1862. Richard K. Lunt (Co. A, 48th Massachusetts Infantry, killed 6/14/63 at Port Hudson, LA) writes to his Mother:

"... I just come off guard this morning. It is cold up here nights so 3 men stop in the Barracks in the night time John Putnam & John Pierce & myself was in our Barracks. We had a good time sitting by the stove had plenty of wood so we had a good fire. It is some different standing guard in the Barracks then outdoors...

This morning there was a lady come on to the field and when she got up to the Main Entrance they search her, and what do you think they found, 3 bottles of whiskey, tied to her...spring skirts. The Post Adjutant saw her tying them on down at the depot, she was dress in good shape and appeared very well...

We had a review of the troops yesterday afternoon by the Staff Officers. Out Company had the praise of marching the Best of any in the Regt. We are going to have another review this week by John Andrews and others...

Eben Perkins had a letter from his wife and she wanted him to come down and Woodward would not give him a pass so he took leave himself, so when he was about to start one of the boys asked him how he was going to get clear of the police when he went through Boston, he said that if he saw any of them he would run & hide in the fields or get behind a store wall in the city of (Boston)...R. K. Lunt"

Lunt enlisted in the 48th MA Infantry in September 1862 and fought at the battle of Plains Store, LA and at Port Hudson where he was killed in action. 

Blue pencil, otherwise fine.

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48th Massachusetts Infantry soldier's letter

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