4th New Hampshire Infantry soldier's letter/ Morris Island, SC
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Soldier's Letter, 2 pages, 8vo., Camp Morris Island, SC, 4th Reg't. Co., D U.S.A., November 3rd, 1863. Horace B. Morrison (Co. D, 4th New Hampshire Infantry) writes to his cousin on attractive patriotic design lettersheet. The letter reads in part:

"...John Sanborn is in the Hospital at Beaufort Hospital No. 9. I have a letter from him every week. He is a getting along first rate. They have promoted John to a Corporal...

They have commenced (firing) on Fort Sumter again. They have been bombarding it for five days and nights. I was on Picket at Fort Gregg yesterday. They shot away the flag on Fort Sumter twice. The first time they shot it away a reb come up on top of the Fort and begun to wave it and put the flag up in the afternoon. They shot it away again when the Reb come up to put it up away went our guns at him bang bang bang. I guess that fellow went to his long home. They hant put up the flag yet. They will charge on it before many days. Fitzgerald has got his discharge and gone home...H.B. Morrison"

Very Fine. The letter comes with the original patriotic cover. Stamp removed. Choice content.

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4th New Hampshire Infantry soldier's letter/ Morris Island, SC

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