5th Alabama Infantry soldier's letter with cover
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Confederate Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp Near Grace Church, VA, Dec. 26th, 1862. John White (5th Alabama Infantry) writes to his wife:

"I have an idea in my head. Don't be alarmed at such a wonder. It is this.These Generals won't let a body off, and the fact is I believe that we are to have neither winter quarters or furloughs. The utmost energy of every man is needed to keep up the most military operations of this army, and to oppose the tremendous odds against us. Our leaders feel this. I am forced to the conclusion that they do right to let no man off who is not sick. Well then love, I cannot go to you. Will you not come to me This is asking a great deal and I doubt of whether I do right to say anything on the subject. I hope however that my love for my Darling, will be a sufficient excuse at least in her eyes.

I do not mean that you should come now. I intend to make another effort about say the middle of Jany. If I fail again will you not come to see me...All I mean now is that you hold yourself "ready to march at a moment warning". Can bring Hinly with you. By way of getting ready have yourself and Hinly vaccinated right away. It is best to have it done out of a fresh sore on the arm of some one on whom it has already taken. It is more of't to take. For Gods sake do not start on here till you & H are vaccinated and it has taken well. The small pox is all over the country particularly in Richmond. You had better have our whole family white & black vaccinated as soon as possible. You must exuce me for proposing to put you to the trouble of another such trip as you had last simmer. Love I cannot bear the idea of going through another such campaign as the last without and not seeing you...

I had Cols. Hall [Josephus M.] & Hobson [Lafayette] of the 5th to dine with me on yesterday and spent the day as pleasantly as the of't intruding thoughts of love ones far away would permit. Since this war began I have had but little taste for pleasure. There is too much of serious trials, too much of sorrow, suffering & sadness for myrth or gladness. Standing on the verge of the past and coming year. every thoughtful mind must be serious. Our very existence is hung upon a thread. The history of the past year is written in blood that of the coming is vailed in darkness and clouds. But the history of nations is in the hands of a righteous God. On him we must rely going forward firmly faithfully in discharge of our duty....I have an abiding faith that in the end we will prevail...J.White"

Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used cover, franked by White. "Due 10", illegible postmark.

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5th Alabama Infantry soldier's letter with cover

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