5th Maine Infantry soldier's letter/ BBG Clark Edwards
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Clark S. Edwards, Brevet Brigadier General, USA, Colonel of the 5th Maine Infantry autograph letter signed, 6 pages (4 pages 8vo.; 2 pages 4to.), Head Quarters 5th Me. Vols., Near White Oak Church, Va. Jany. 19th, 62.

Edwards writes a lengthy letter to his wife:

"... You speak of the drinking in our Regt. Since pay day it has been very bad but not as much as at some other times and I hope it will grow less. You ask who I tent with. I have tented with the Maj. but now have a tent of my own a new one and a very fine one too. I have the best quarters in the Brig...

I think we shall stop here now for some time as it begun to rain and mud will be awful. Jim is still with me and does well. He is getting along better as I do not have but little to do with him now. I have another horse but he is not so good as he. I saw Owen Brown today. He was here to my tent...He belongs to the 1st Maine Cavalry. Capt. Walker is dead about getting the Maj. position in the Regt...

It still rain and the mud will be a foot deep before morning so our prospect of another move is about played out for the present.  I hope the north will be satisfied to let us rest a spell. We left camp last spring the first of March and have been on the move ever since, ten months at least without rest and that is the longest campaign of any army ever had in this country without rest. The Armies of the West have not done a thing since last spring till the late fight..."

Edwards continues his letter with news about some of the members in his company, several ill, one in Washington, one working on the ambulance train, etc.

The 5th Maine Infantry was a hard fought regiment participating in 22 battles from First Bull Run to Petersburg, including the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Comes with the original postally used cover, addressed to "Mrs. C. Edwards".

Very Fine.

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5th Maine Infantry soldier's letter/ BBG Clark Edwards

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