5th New Hampshire Infantry soldier's letter /Fighting,casualties
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Camp Behind 5 Army Corps Breastworks, Aug. 23, 1864. Charles T. Moody (Co. H, 5th New Hampshire Infantry) writes to his parents detailing his regiments' movements by land and ship, fighting at White Oak Swamp, Weldon Rail Road, etc.:

"...Friday we left our Camp at Petersburg and marched to City Point got in there at 8 in the evening then went into camp & stayed until the next day. At 4 PM order came to march to the landing & embark. We got on little before dark after getting everything on...down the River near Light House Point then anchored and stayed until 10 PM when orders came to hoist anchor & go up the River. Our boat was loaded so thick with men could lie down & hardly stand up. At 2 in the morning landed near Deep Bottom where we did before but did not know where & was until morning when day light came found myself on the same ground where was only one week before. This being Sunday morning just the day to fight orders came to advance our lines which was quickly performed & in a short time could hear the sound of musketry which brought us to think the old 2 army corps had once more done its duty in driving the enemy. During the next day the 10 Corps came & all that day was spent fixing our lines. Everyone thought a Gen engagement was to take place soon. Our Brigade was then detached to support the cavalry on the right of the line which they did with some fighting lost 2 killed 4 wounded making 6 in all missing from our usual number the morning before. Our Brigade went up as far as White Oak Swamp finding the enemy too strong for them. Had orders to fall back on our old ground which occupied only the day before then orders came to build breastworks. We built them & had the pleasure of occupying them one night & two days when orders came to fall back which was Saturday night. Having the distance of 20 miles to march through rain and mud took us until next morning at about 7 when we arrived at our old camping ground in front of Petersburg. No orders came for us to put up tents which of cource brought us to think our journey was not at an end & sure enough after making little coffee ...orders came to march and support Gen Warren commanding the 5 Corps which was hotly engaging the enemy & after fighting several hours took the Weldon Rail Road & here we are today...Charles T. Moody"

Pencil, otherwise fine. Comes with the original cover, stamp removed.

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5th New Hampshire Infantry soldier's letter /Fighting,casualties

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