74th Indiana Infantry soldier's letter / Tennessee
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Soldier's Letter, 3 pages, 8vo., Lavergne, Tennessee, Apr. 27, 1863. Benton L. Jennings (Co. K, 74th Indiana Infantry) writes to his mother:

"...You will see from the heading of my letter that instead of discharging me they have sent me on to the Reg. while is still at this place.

I find the boys all in good health ( or mostly so) and in fine spirits...

I arrived here just in time for pay day but not in time to draw my pay from the fact that I was not in time to sign the Muster Roll...

Our Reg. is now under marching orders for tomorrow morning at six o'clock. They are to go out in the country on a foraging expedition. I do not know whether I will be obliged to accompany the expedition or not, if so I shall do the best I can.

I arrived here this morning about eight o'clock all safe and sound.

The company were all very much surprised on seeing me, and Cap. Morgan says he should not have been much more surprised if one had returned from the dead...B. L. Jennings"

Fine. Comes with the original cover, stamp removed.

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74th Indiana Infantry soldier's letter / Tennessee

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