8th New York Cavalry soldier's letter/Virginia Overland campaign
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., "July 12th 1864 Light House Landing Va. Dismounted Camp James River". Edwin L. Garrison (Co. C, 8th New York Cavalry, wounded Culpeper, VA 8/1/63) writes to friend pertaining to the 1864 Overland campaign including an attack by Confederate General A. P. Hill:

"...I received your last letter just after we broke camp and was in hearing of the Great Battle of the Wilderness and we were marching toward the field of strife as I read over the letter the day before. We had one of the hardest fights that we very often have. The next day we had some skirmishing but not very hard then came the Richmond raid. I havent time to tell much about what we have done but if you only know where we have been and what we have done you would not think any thing strong of me for not writing any sooner. After coming off from the Richmond Raid we rested one night and then went on the right flank of Grants army destroyed railroad (Weldon RR) then was rear guard for Grants army till after he crossed the Pamunkey river then we had some more heavy fighting then we crossed the Chickahomeny and skirmished all night. (Battle of Cold Harbor) The following day we had an awful fight with Rebel Infantry. We drove them for a spell but they were determined to hold there ground. We charged them and got within about two rods of them but we were too strong for them and drove them and we killed a good many there. I saw in one pile of dead rebels two Captains one or two Lieutenants and six Privates. They were within two rods of each other and you could find then all over the field but soon came our turn for A.P.Hill brought up his corps on to us. They charged us and drove us back ...some ways when we rallied and held our ground with one regt. of Infantry for support. After dark we returned in order and the next day we had some skirmishing on Malvern Hill on the James River then we crossed the James river and came up to where Grant was fighting at Petersburg and then we lay still for three or four days and then we went on that awful raid that General Wilson made (South Side and Danville RR) which you have heard of I suppose. That was the hardest fighting I ever saw. We lost all of our wagons and artillery and had to leave our wounded but surely we got back and are now in camp on the James river. My horse was so near played out that I had to turn him over and am now at Dismounted camp. I am well and tough as ever...Edwin L. Garrison"

Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used cover. Good content letter.

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8th New York Cavalry soldier's letter/Virginia Overland campaign

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