8th Wisconsin Infantry soldier's letter/ Battle Content
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 8vo., Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 2nd, 1864. John M. Williams (Co. H, 8th Wisconsin Infantry) writes to his friend pertaining to the Battle of Hurricane Creek (Mississippi) and the forces of General Forrest.

"...Today has been quite warm & sultry but most of the time it is real cool & pleasant during our late raid to Oxford Miss. it rained quite hard and stuck to it for nine days.

We had a battle at Hurricane Creek on the 13th of Aug. and again on the 23rd at Abbeville in which Co. H lost four slightly wounded all of whom are again on duty.

We returned to Memphis by rail on the 29th and found our things right side up with care for all old Forrests raid. He had about 600 cavalry & left 150 killed and wounded in the city & took between 75 & 100 prisoners. Genl. Washburn had to take leg bail for security. Genl. Hurlbut was in town but in citizens dress & was not known. He did his best to get the troops out and succeeded as well as could be expected of raw troops.

At 10 P.M. today the regiment received marching orders to embark at once on transports to leave camp standing and in charge of the Nonveterans and convalecents. While I am writing the boats are whistling and tomorrow's sun will find the 8th Wis in Helena (Arkansas).

I expect that the Non veterans will start for home some time next week & get to Madison on the 15th or 16th the look out for fun and mischief for we are bound to eclipse the Veterans.

Geo VanVorman sent his best respects. Robert Oliver has sore eye caused by marching in the heat and dust. Charley Faulkes is off down the Miss in the best of health & spirits...John M. William Co. "H" 8th Infantry Wis Vols".

Some aging, otherise very fine. Good content letter mentioning many name which could be of local interest.

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8th Wisconsin Infantry soldier's letter/ Battle Content

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