9th New Jersey Infantry soldier's letter/ Capt. J. J. Henry
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Soldier's Letter, 3 pages, 8vo., Clay Hotel, Washington DC, August 27, 1861. Captain Joseph J. Henry (Co. H, 9th New Jersey Infantry, killed at Roanoke Island, NC, 1st NJ officer KIA) writes to his brother Lt. Wm. Henry, Adjutant 1st NJ Vols.:

"...I am detained with the very faint hope of getting an appt. in the regular army. Mr. Ketcham the other day said to me 'I think I shall have a captaincy U.s.A. to dispose of; how would it suit you Joe?'. At the time I avoided a direct reply but upon a nights reflection I decided to desire it most ardently. Ketcham is waiting to have an interview with Cameron on this subject and of cource I can't leave till he learns something definite. I am studying Hardee in leisure moments for if I dont get this magnificent place - too good to be expected - 

I shall be ready to assume a commission in some Volunteer Regt. Think I shall go direct to Trenton from here and see what the prospects are for a position in one of the new regiments. I came down here upon advice of Col. Wright who thought that in order to secure my consulship it was necessary only to see Mr. Seward. Well I have seen Mr. Fred Seward twice without obtaining a particle of satisfaction. I am confident they never meant to appoint me...

I get exceptionally blue sometimes in reflecting upon my dull life, want of success & meager prospects. I long to be in camp where is the excitement & novelty of the situation, I shall forget these troubles and find ample occupation for my time and thoughts..."

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9th New Jersey Infantry soldier's letter/ Capt. J. J. Henry

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