Briggs, Henry war date letter/ Alexandria, Virginia
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Henry S. Briggs (1824-87), Brigadier General, USA (MA)., Participated at the 1862 Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines (WIA), Draft Rendezvous, Alexandria, Virginia.

Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages, 8vo., Alexandria, September 13th, 1863 to wife.

"...I will not go to church this morning been occupied in trying to get off some Pa. conscripts which arrived late night, and plaqued by the stupid failure of the officers in command to get the transport to the wharf in time for the 11 o c train thusly making it necessary to detain the men here till tomorrow morning...

I got a letter from Genl. Devens yesterday in reply to our on business I had written him. He says that he is "mortified and pained" at this failure of the draft in Mass.  that it will not yield 3000 men. And yet I find that up to this time that state has sent forward to the Army of the Potomac more men then ant other state. The work was begun there earlier and about all that are to come have been sent to the rendezvous. Only 7477 have as yet come from all the states...

Yesterday I went with the Post Commanding Col. Bell to the Govt. Bakery here - where the average ... is 100,000 (one hundred thousand) loaves per day - on Monday last they made 125000..."

Very Fine.

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Briggs, Henry war date letter/ Alexandria, Virginia

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