Fry, Birkett wardate autographed document/ Arsenal cadet
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Birkett D. Fry (1822-91), Brigadier General, CSA. VMI. Participated at Seven Pines (WIA), Sharpsburg (WIA), Gettysburg (WIA "Pickett's Charge"), Petersburg, District of South Carolina and Georgia.

Autograph Endorsement Signed (AES), 2 pages, 8vo., Head Quarters, Augusta, GA, 9/24/64 as Brig. Genl. Comdg. Post verso letter, Camden S.C., 9/2/64:

"Gen. Chesnut

My Dear Sir

My son (F P L Bonney) who was but 16 years old last Thursday the 15th, & who was at school at Winsborough left that place with a Co of Reserves last week. The affair has bothered me a good deal & as he was not liable for that organization, I write to ask if I cannot get him relieved. I have not heard from him but presume he has gone to Florence. My object is not to keep him out of the army, but his going at this time has seriously interfered with my plans. I have applied for him at the Arsenal next winter. I presume he will get the appointment  as I hear he is the first on the list from our District. As he is only sixteen years old I perfer much that he would go with the Arsenal Boys. If they should be called out to remaining where he now is - can anything be done in the premesis? Please let me hear from you on the subject.

Yours in haste.

E.W. Bonney".

Various endorsements verso pertaining to Bonney's discharge as being under the age of seventeen.

Accompanying transcript from the family (1924) included.

Dark ink, some fold splits, otherwise fine.

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Fry, Birkett wardate autographed document/ Arsenal cadet

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