Holabird, Samuel autographed document/ Inspector of Cavalry
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Samuel B. Holabird (1826-1907), Brevet Brigadier General, USA (CT). US Army Quartermaster's Department, 2nd Army Corps and Department of the Gulf. Fort Holabird in Maryland is named for him.

Letter Signed, 1 page, 4to. by Charles Jones Walker (US Army 2nd Cavalry;  Colonel 10th Kentucky Cavalry 12/12/62).

"Office Special Inspector of Cavalry, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, La., January 29th, 1865.

Col. S.B. Holabird

Chief Quartermaster Dept of Gulf


I have just received the following from Colonel Chrysler  (Future General Morgan Chrysler) 2nd Vet. New York Cavalry now stationed at Morganza.

Can anything be done for him?

No hay at Morganza. Have had none in four days... C .J. Walker, Capt. 2nd Cavalry, Special Inspector, Dept of the Gulf".

Endorsements by C. J. Walker ("Respectfully referred to Col. Chrysler for Information"), S. B. Holabird ("Respectfully referred to Capt. Mason for report as to what has been or can be done"), and Albert Mason as Capt. & A.Q.M. ("...I have non hay sufficient to supply all parts with 1/2 rations ...").

Very Fine. Rare imprint.

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Holabird, Samuel autographed document/ Inspector of Cavalry

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