Lee, William H. F. war date autograph letter signed
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William H. F. Lee (1837-91), Major General, CSA (VA). ANV Cavalry Corps including "1862 RIDE AROUND UNION ARMY", Brandy Station (WIA and POW), Appomatox.

Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages, 8vo., to Confederate General William Wickham pertaining to exchange of famale slaves/servants.

"...Hd. Qrs.

Near Bellefield, Va.

22nd Jany/65

My dear Mr. Wickham

Your letter of the 31st ulto. was brought by Moses (servant/free negro) on his return from his xmas holidays. I am very glad that Fanny is at home & willingly agree to exchanging her for Moses's wife Polly.

If you can send her to Richmond & have her hired ... I would be very much obliged to you. I told Moses that she  could have her wages & must support herself. I would be glad if you would send her child or not as you think best. I am very glad Henry was able to be with you during his XMAS holidays. It must have  been a great pleasure to have seen him. I suppose he has grown very much since I last saw him. How is Miss Julia? Is Libby still the favorite? 

I see by the papers that Ms. Forte who is the commencing of this war wanted to whip the world and after accomplishing that desired that other worlds might be created so he might continue the delightful occupation of whipping, has finally made his chair. Thus it is that many of those who have helped to believe the war over are now trying to leave is in the hour of trial. We are some little distance from the army to consequently have had peace declared several times.

What do you think of  Mr. Blair's (Francis Preston Sr., Peace Commissioner) visit? Does he mean everything or is it a mere trick?

I had hoped to have been able to have seen you all at Hickory Hill once more before the opening of the campaign but Gen. Hampton has gone South and I am kept pretty close...W.H.F.Lee".

Homemade Confederate ink, especially used towards the end of the war, otherwise fine.

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Lee, William H. F. war date autograph letter signed

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