Pennsylvania Light Artillery soldier's letter/ President Lincoln
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Pennsylvania Independent Light Artillery (Battery F), Autograph Letter Signed, 4 pages, 8vo., War Department, Washington, DC imprint 5/3/64 signed William Atwood (ex- soldier PA Batty, now in War Department). 

"...If you are busy, it is just the reverse with me, and my principal employment is in thinking how I can put in the time. I do wish they would give me something more to do, for I have to be in my place anyway, and I would a great deal rather be busy.

Our town was enlivened the early part of last week, by the passing through of the 9th Army Corps (Burnsides). Of course everybody went to see them. Old Abe was out on the Balcony at Willards, and was cheered by the troops as they passed. The Corps made a fine appearance, and numbers so I am told/41,000 men. Don't say anything about their numbers to outsiders. He had white men, n-s, and Indians (2 companies of sharpshooters). The n-s looked and marched well, and I think will fight well. I wonder if Joe Culvers regiment was not among them? They were cheered and applauded all along the street. I tell you n-r stock is at a premium just now. The Corps is down with the Army of the Potomac now. Grant must have a smashing Army now, and when he does move something has got to come sure.  He has a great many of the Heavy Artillery regiments from here. They are fine large regiments, numbering from 1200 to 2400 men apiece.

Today is the anniversary of Capt. Hamptons death. Things have changed a good deal for you and I since then. I did not expect to be out of the service so soon.

I was out to Camp Barry on Sunday, but found Fred and Irish out riding. All the rest of the boys were well. There were a good many of them home on furlough last week, and no doubt you saw some of them. Tom Bushnell expects to get home this week I believe, and Fred will try and get home some time in May.

Gormly and I have moved our Head Qrs to 20th St, above the War Dept. Reason why, because they wanted to raise our board to $11 per week. We have got a very comfortable place and the man who keeps it is a Pittsburgher. 369, 20th St is the place so if you come on here you will know where to find me. Edwin Forrest (1806-72, a prominent American Shakespearean actor) is still at Fords, and I am going to see him Thursday evening in Coriolanus.

We had a regular hurricane last evening, and dust was so thick that I could not see 10 feet, but to day it has cleared up beautifully, and the wind is drying up the mud. It is so cool that we have a fire in our office today...Wm. Atwood."

On a separate sheet of paper Atwood writes:

"My envelopes are so thin that I have to put this on the outside to keep inquisitive persons from reading the letter through the envelope."

Very Fine. Comes with the original postally used envelope, postmarked Washington, D.C. May 3.

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Pennsylvania Light Artillery soldier's letter/ President Lincoln

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