U.S. Signal Corps soldier's letter/ Mobile Bay. Alabama
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Soldier's Letter, 4 pages, 4to., Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island Ala., U.S. Signal Corps, Feb. 20th, 1865. Daniel D. Dunkler, U.S. Signal Corps writes to his Father:

"...Your letter of the 29th came to hand yesterday February 19th by the Stmr. Gen. Banks from N. Orleans La. and will hasten to answer it. I am glad to learn that my ($25.00) money, arrived home safe & sound; and that you are putting it where it will draw the most interest. You can put it where you see fit. Yes 6% is a great deal better on hundred dollars than 5%. I have received my State bounty $3.25 $25.00 of Gov. Bounty. My first installment & 4 months pay one month having being lost or was supposed to be on the Electric Spark which was ... last spring. I have been paid off up to the first of Sept. & only one installment of Government Bounty...

My writing about my going to Natchez Miss is all knocked in the head and we are down to Mobile point, and I am much better pleased than at Natchez Miss for I want to see Mobile Ala. full. I have seen the Forts that guarded the harbor taken and now for the city. I can have quite a history to tell in my old days. I am not in N. Orleans to receive your letters but at Ft. Gaines Ala. I am greatly obliged to you for those stamps and change for it came in play nicely being out in the sands of Ala. I probably shall not want any more till we get settled down either in Mobile City or N.O. City and then I shall write you about it and let you know what I want.

Yes, I should say John O. Dunkler has done a bully thing D-mn fool ought to be hung, or didnt he know any better or was he a full born fool. I should think he would know better...No, I am nothing more than a private. That learning the Code was nothing but nonsense now for the Col. of the Corps is out  and shot knocked it all in the head, for if he has been dismissed from the service. There are 4 of us in Lt. Harris's party. I shall probably be in the southern clime another summer but I guess not in N.O. but in Mobile City Ala. or thereabout and we will stand it better this summer than we did last summer for we have got climated. I have not seen a particle of snow this winter and it seems like a long summer to me as I ever saw...

Yes we have received the news of the fall of Ft. Fisher. I rec'd those two papers you sent me the speech that Gen. B. F. Butler made at Lowell Mass...

Daniel D. Dunkler

U.S. Signal Corps

Dept Gulf

No.O. or elsewhere 

To William A. Dunkler

26 Tremont St.


Some aging, otherwise fery fine.

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U.S. Signal Corps soldier's letter/ Mobile Bay. Alabama

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