U.S.S. Kearsage/ C.S.S. Florida naval letter
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Naval letter, 1 1/2 pages, 4to., U.S.S. "Kearsage", Brest, France, October 21st 1863. Ship's surgeon/steward George A. Tuttle writes about the fate of the C.S.S. "Florida" and the capture of the "Juno".

"...The "Florida" is still here, undergoing repairs; it is rumored that there is a probability of her being sold to a transatlantic steamship company; some say that she is ready for sea, as soon as it is possible for her to ship a crew (she has now only a few men); the fact is none but her officers know what will be done with her; we keep a good watch upon her, and if she leaves this port, and we are not prevented by the French government, from leaving at the same time, we will put an end to her career.

By a letter received on board to day, we learn that the Steamer "Juno" was captured by one of our blockading squadron, as she was leaving Wilmington; this same "Juno" should have been our prize, as we chased and captured her, off Terceira, on the 22nd of July last, and after our officers had condemned her as a legal prize, and the captain had actually concluded to send her to the United States, for some reason best known to himself, the captain, let her go about her business.

If you send a letter directed to me, care of American Consul at Brest, as soon as you receive this, I think I will receive it before we leave here...Geo. A. Tuttle"

Very fine, easy to read, and a good content letter.

George A. Tuttle enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 1/11/59. He served on the U.S.S. "Brooklyn" until 10/61 as Surgeon/Steward and then on the U.S.S. "Kearsage" as Surgeon/Steward from 12/3/61 until 12/2/64 after the ship returned to the U.S.

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U.S.S. Kearsage/ C.S.S. Florida naval letter

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