Underwood, Adin autograph letter signed/ Circa New Market, VA
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Adin B. Underwood (1828-88), Brigadier General, USA (MA). Participated in the 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chattanooga, Wauhatchie (WIA).

Letter Signed (LS), no place, no date (circa Camp near New Market, VA 5/10/62) as Capt. Co. I, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry.

"Statement of Capt. A.B. Underwood Co. I, 2nd Mass. Vols. I was with my company on outpost duty from about eleven o'clock A.M. May 2 till about eleven o'clock A.M. May 3. The company consisted of one Captain one Second Lieutenant about nine non-commissioned officers and about thirty-five privates which in the afternoon was increased  by six privates. The company was disposed as follows on post forming the line of sentinels seven men; two outposts, one company of a corporal and three men, a sergeant had charge of these two outposts. The remainder formed the grand guard divided into two reliefs, one of which was constantly in readiness to turnout at a moments notice. The other relief rested, both in the barn. In the day time the arms were stacked close to the barn yard which was wet and muddy. There was no sentinel over the arms, but the 1st Sergeant was directed to keep watch over them. Capt. Owning whom I relieved informed me that he had no sentinel over the arms in the day time...At night the arms were taken into the barn and two sentinels posted one at each end...I caused the sentinels to take such positions on their posts as would enable them to see without being themselves seen...I moved the sentinels at night off the top of the ridge to the edge of the wood which I considered a far safer & better position at night. The statement that the company had left their posts on which the officer of the day had placed them and gathered around the reserve "headquarters", is incorrect and the latter part of it entirely without foundation. The statement that I was at a neighboring house is true, meaning the house near the barn and to which the latter belonged...

I instructed the sentinels to perform their duty with the least possible noise so that indications of their positions should not be given to the enemy. It is quite possible under their instructions that when the officer of the day was approaching an outpost without making any attempt to pass one or canceal himself he was allowed tp approach near before being challenged. In all my times of outpost duty one commissioned officer only on duty at a time was considered sufficient. Nothing on the contrary was ever said by the officer of the day. A.B. Underwood, Capt. Co I 2nd Mass."

An interesting glimpse of the formation of the outposts and how seriously their duties were viewed.

Very Fine.


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Underwood, Adin autograph letter signed/ Circa New Market, VA

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