Waul, Thomas autographed letter pertaining to  Wade Hampton
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Thomas N. Waul (1813-1903), Brigadier General, CSA (SC/TX). CSA Congress (1861-62), recruited Waul's Texas Legion. Participated in the battles of Vicksburg (POW), Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Jenkin's Ferry.

Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages, 4to., Galveston, Texas, April 16, 1891 to Hon. James Fleming, Chairman.

"...The invitation of the committee of the Confederate Survivors Association to attend their re-union on memorial day, as also in special Honor of Lieutenant General Wade Hampton , was received in due time, and after making strenuous efforts I find that there are requisitions upon my time for the 27th & 28th inst. that I can neither transfer or postpone. I regret sorely the disappointment at not being able to meet with the lessening army of survivors, and especially in failing by my presence to honor the gallant soldier the noble patriot, the lofty Gentleman, whom it is my good fortune to have known from our boyhood, at the same school, in the same college, and at intervals until the commencement of our civil strife, when our meetings became more frequent, as a boy he was distinguished for his modesty and reserve, as a youth affable quiet and unassuming, afterwards a planter of Wealth education and refinement, he became the exemplar of a Southern Gentleman.

When South Carolina in her dark hour called her sons around her to battle for her rights Wade Hampton was among the first to respond to her summons, how he bore himself from the 1st Manassas until the cause was lost, will be found inscribed among the records of the boldest, the bravest, the most chivalric in times of having light unfading and imperishable.

When all was over, on his return to his native Carolina  he found it torn asunder by internal strife, his race in a minority and a few ... quidded by the love of revenge or plunder, stirring and arousing the majority into madness, until an intensive contest became imminent.

Then it was that Wade Hampton rose to his full status, like Peter the Hermit he went further on his grand mission to rescue his state. From the mountains to the sea he traversed county by county teaching peace, goodwill and fair treatment to all his pilgrimage was a daily triumph he brought tranquility and repose out of disorder, turmoil and anarchy. It was a grand effort and rendered in her darkest hour a service that could not be repaid, and should not be ignored. Hence when the political gale arose we supposed that if no other he certainly would pass through the tempest unscathed, we underestimated its force. The unreasoning fury of political agitation with ruthless violence swept her faithful sentinel from his post.

It is the most unworthy page in South Carolina's chronicles, let us hope that the Historic muse will draw her pen across the record. We in the living present knowing her present rules can feel as was said of the trust of elder Brutus, and exclaim, "Wade Hampton is more honored in his absence from that procession, then by his presence."

Yours Respectfully, T.N. Waul."

Very Fine. Good content letter written in legible ink on onion skin paper.


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Waul, Thomas autographed letter pertaining to Wade Hampton

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