Whipple, William autograph letter signed/ Chattanooga, Tennessee
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William D. Whipple (1826-1902), Brig. General, USA (NY), Chief of Staff to Genl. G.H. Thomas, Atlanta campaign, Franklin, Nashville, Aide-de-Camp to Genl. W.T. Sherman (1873-78). 

Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages, 8vo., Chattanooga, Tenn. Dec./13/63 to his wife. 

"It has been raining for two days, and this afternoon we had a regular thunder storm. The photographs I wrote about receiving. They are all very well taken indeed. Marions is a beautiful picture and the boys are good particularly Herberts.

Tell Wally that I kept his picture standing on the desk in front of me every day until the others came when I put them all in a pigeon hole where I can get them easily and look at them as I am doing now. You will perhaps be in Brooklyn when this reaches you.

We will miss our commutation of quarters one full this winter which will be a decided hole in the income. There is not however much of an opportunity to spend much money down here. I have a check for $292.00 which I would send you if I could trust it to the mail.

You must not give yourself any uneasiness about me. I do not think that after our forces get back from Knoxville there will be any thing more done this winter in this quarter except to prepare for spring. The mud is getting to be terrific and all the streams are swollen.

Watkins made a dash through La Fayette, Ga. yesterday setting all the women and children to howling, running a lot of Georgia Militia out of town and capturing nine officers. Whenever you have an opportunity to speak of the future prospects of the war you may say that if the people desire this war closed up with triumph to the Union cause they must contrive some way of filling the ranks made vacant by the casualties of war. All these expensive once elaborately got up first for the benefit of the soldiers. Where for instance they sell the Presidents Emancipation proclamation for $300 and present the President with a $200 gold watch are very well in their way, but as they do not add one more musket to the army they do very little towards finishing the war and until the able bodied men who contribute to those fairs and who are engaged in getting them up and conducting them or who are engaged in money making are willing to shoulder their muskets and come down here to the front and take a shot in defence of the country. They pretend to think so much of that country is not very safe.

With a great deal of love I remain as ever

                                                            Your lover".

Comes with the original postally used cover postmarked with blue military straight-line Chattanooga, Tenn. 12/63 (Type 3) fancy cancel, addressed to Mrs. Gen. W. D. Whipple.  

Very Fine.

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Whipple, William autograph letter signed/ Chattanooga, Tennessee

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