Winder, John Document Signed/ Passport Request
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Document Signed, "Wm Kupferman, one page, January 2, 1864. Letter to "Honorable James A. Seddon, Secretary of War of the Confederate States of America" in part:

"Being a Subject of the King of Bavaria, and having come to this country about five years ago...claimed the protection of the Government of my native land...I wish to return to my native Country permanently, Therefore I would most Respectfully ask your Honor to grant me a passport to leave the Confederate States of America for Europe by land".

The second integral leaf is endorsed by Secretary of War James A. Seddon ("J.A.S.".Sy"), Arizona Territory Representative Marcus H. Macwillie ("M. H .Macwillie, Rep. Arizona Ty"), Assistant Secretary of War Jonn Archibald Campbell ("J. A. Campbell, ASW") and General John H. Winder ("Jno. H. Winder").

The Macwillie autograph is especially interesting, as little exists from Confederate Arizona. Macwillie was a practicing lawyer and prominent citizen of Mesilla, New Mexico.  He was a leader in a group  attempting to ally the southern half of New Mexico with the Confederacy. Rare autograph connected with the Arizona Territory during the Civil War.

Very Fine. Winder's autograph in lighter ink.

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Winder, John Document Signed/ Passport Request

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